Come volunteer with us! We don't currently have any events scheduled where volunteers will be needed (due to COVID19), however there's lots you can do to support our wonderful dogs. 

1. Become a foster hero!

When you become a foster parent (pawrent?), you will be saving the life of a dog who might have otherwise not received a second chance. 

Since shelters can be a stressful environment for dogs, placing them in a foster home allows the pups to relax in a home environment and show their true personality so that adopters have a better idea of what their pet will be like when they bring them home. 

Our foster parents will be matched with a pup that fits your home, family and lifestyle and the FMN team will be in contact with you daily on the basics of fostering and to answer any questions you may have. Fostering requires a minimum of 1 month commitment and can last as long as needed to find a furever family for the foster dog. The FMN team will work with your schedule to secure a new foster home if you're no longer able to continue, however, a stable environment is the best for the dogs!

By opening up your heart and home to a foster dog, you will be providing them with the space to grow and flourish while they prepare to find their future furever families. 

If you're interested to speak with the team about fostering, please fill out this form and select “foster” in question two: tinyurl.com/FMNinterestform


2. Volunteer remotely!

Join our team to help with fundraising initiatives, social media updates, designing marketing materials, coordinating fosters, reviewing adoption applications, and more. Get in contact and we can chat more about your interests and availability! 


3. Transport the pups!
Our dogs sometimes need help getting to veterinary appointments, new foster homes, or events. If you have your own vehicle and are happy to transport our sweet pups when needed, please let us know and we will work with your schedule. We will also always provide a crate when needed. 


4. Provide medical and grooming support!

If you're a veterinarian or dog groomer and would like to support the ‘underdogs’ in your spare time, we (and the dogs!) would truly appreciate your skilled services to support with medical questions, basic checks and grooming needs. Please get in touch and know that we'll be forever grateful!

Contact us today for more!

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